Works progress with demolition complete

As demolition has now come to an end, bulk earthworks will be the next major site activity to begin.

The new Waste Shed was completed and handed over to the LHD on Friday 9 March 2019, with the team moving in that day. A lot of work has gone into improving the building and the team are enjoying their new physical space.

Installation of the main service trench for the new hospital has progressed quickly, housing power, water, gas, sewerage, stormwater, hydrant lines and a new services access road.

The redevelopment team has worked closely with the LHD to enhance the current power and water services for Community Health, CRC and the Child and Family Cottage by using this main service trench. It will also provide generator/backup power to these buildings once completed.

Project User Groups have recommenced, with each department carefully reviewing the improved designs.

The BOC oxygen tank was replaced with two new Coregas tanks to service the new hospital, with the remaining BOC oxygen tanks removed on Wednesday 27 March 2019.

You may have also noticed Hansen Yuncken is now working on site as part of the Early Contractor Involvement, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project.

The project team deserves a special mention for all the major pieces they've accomplished over the last month, it's been an extraordinary amount of work.