Staff share their tips on decluttering

Rooms across the Goulburn Base Hospital are being reorganised during ongoing reviews and clean-ups. Staff from the Community Health Building campus have transformed offices, equipment and storage areas to make way for more efficient ways of working.

Community Health Nurse Tracey Kidd has been one of the champions in CH, decluttering not only her own space, but also overseeing the rest of the building. Tracey recommends that any future decluttering participants will need to have a positive attitude and plenty of energy. “Be decisive. Be fearless. Throw stuff out,” she said.

Declutter your workspace with these simple tips:

Block out time

Commit to removing clutter and use that time effectively; plan for your new working environment.

Begin with your filing

a.Keep only what you use. Any remaining documents should be stored, archived, binned or scannedelectronically.
b.Medical Records – have strict requirements regarding storage or destruction. Consult your manager.

Your desk

You will be provided with one archive-sized moving box for your desk and drawer items, so plan accordingly. IT equipment will be handled separately. Paper items can be scanned and saved electronically – please save them to a relevant Shared Drive.

Personal belongings

 Please take any personal items home. SNSWLHD will not be held responsible for any damage to personal items. You are welcome to bring them back once you have moved.

Shared resources

Bookshelves, shared filing cabinets and storage areas will also need to be decluttered. Share this task with your colleagues to ensure all interests are considered. Check with the Clinical Library before disposing of any LHD books.

Archiving and discarding requirements

Please refer to the NSW Goods and Services Procurement Policy for clarification.