Goulburn Health Service Heritage Survey

Have your say! Survey launched to help bring heritage to life at Goulburn Hospital


Have your say! Survey launched to help bring heritage to life at Goulburn Hospital

Goulburn Health Service Staff and community members were invited to complete an online survey to share feedback about their memories of the Goulburn Health Service and what they would like to see included in the new hospital’s heritage exhibition and time capsule.

The heritage of the Goulburn health service is an essential element of the Goulburn Hospital and Health Service Redevelopment.

The project has catalogued over 2000 items from Goulburn Base Hospital and Bourke Street Health Service, which along with the stories of the people who used them, will provide a vital record and connection to healthcare over the years in Goulburn. 
The project is looking at ways to display these items throughout the new four-storey Clinical Services Building.

The online survey ran from  06 August to 28 August 2020 and has now closed.

The project team looks forward to sharing some of the information gathered and insights shared from across the Goulburn community.

Here are some examples of the over 2000 items catelogued from Goulburn Base Hospital and Bourke Street Health Service.

Portable Anesthetic Machine (pictured above)

This Commonwealth Industrial Gases anesthetic machine is an example of game-changing medical innovation utilised in Goulburn’s health history. Before the use of anesthetics, surgery was a traumatic experience for everyone involved. The advent of anesthesia brought comfort to many, and was instrumental in modernising surgery to what we know today. This machine is evidence of the commitment of Goulburn’s local health services to providing modern medical care to the surrounding areas

Hypodermic Needle Sharpener


When hypodermic needles were first invented in the 1850s, they were not disposable as they are today. Instead, hypodermic needles were reusable tools that were washed and sanitized between uses. As a result the needles would require maintenance, such as sharpening.

Sister Zella Fife collection

Training is vital for keeping Goulburn’s nurses at the forefront of medical practice
Nurse’s Service Record in Industry of Nursing in N.S.W (Zella Fife)

This Nurse’s Service record exemplifies that as a physical record observing one nurse’s training and skills. This record was used between 1948 and 1952 by Sister Zella Fife.
Zella Fife Memorial Theatre


Sister Zella Fife passed away at 32 years old in 1954. Zella Fife is now remembered at the hospital at the ‘Zella Fife Memorial Lecture Theatre, where new nursing students begin their own journey with the Goulburn Health Services.
Tea Service – Zella Fife Memorial Theatre


Portable Anesthetic Machine
Hypodermic needle sharpener
Sister Zella Fife Collection