Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Goulburn Hospital and Health Service Redevelopment located?

The redeveloped hospital will be built on the current Goulburn Base Hospital site.

What works are coming up onsite?

Following the reveal of the exterior of the new building in June 2021, building commissioning is now underway. Once the new Clinical Services Building is open, the construction of the Final Works will commence. The Final Works will be delivered in a phased approach, in line with agreed clinical service priorities.

The Final Works are in the planning phases and is likely to include some refurbishment of the existing hospital buildings, upgrade, relocation or removal of building services; demolition of some buildings, as well as landscaping.

What is included in the Goulburn Hospital and Health Service Redevelopment?

The project includes:
  • A new four-storey Clinical Services building featuring:
  • main entry and hospital reception
  • Emergency Department
  • medical imaging department
  • intensive care unit
  • operating theatres, day surgery and recovery areas
  • medical, surgical, paediatric, rehabilitation and geriatric inpatient units with specific designated palliative care beds
  • maternity unit and birthing suite, as well as ambulatory paediatric and antenatal clinics.
  • Improved on-site car parking
  • An extension to the Community Health building for Community Mental Health.

What will the Goulburn Hospital and Health Service Redevelopment cost?

The NSW Government is investing $165 million to redevelop the Goulburn Hospital and Health Service.

When will the Goulburn Hospital and Health Service Redevelopment open its doors to patients?

Construction of the new clinical services building is on track for completion in late 2021. The new building will then undergo an operational commissioning and internal fit-out period before opening its doors to patients in 2022.

Is the Goulburn Hospital and Health Service Redevelopment on budget?

All scope that has been announced for the Goulburn Hospital Redevelopment will be delivered as part of the $165 million budget.

Will there be any additional stages of the Goulburn Hospital Redevelopment?

On 22 June 2021 the project received an uplift of $15 million in funding. A services prioritisation process and Business Case addendum has commenced for the allocation of this funding. More information will be provided as the project progresses.

 What community consultation has taken place?
Southern NSW Local Health District and Health Infrastructure have undertaken extensive rounds of consultation regarding this project at every step of the way.
More than 4000 people comprised of staff and community have been consulted as part of the redevelopment process.
There have been 15 Project User Groups (PUG) comprised of nurses, medical officers and other health professionals to help with the development of the design. An average of 220 staff and patients participated in multiple rounds of the PUGs that contributed to these designs.
Southern NSW Local Health District and Health Infrastructure have drawn on the experience and expertise within its Community Consultation Committee, who have provided further consumer perspectives on the future health needs of the community.

How are construction impacts managed?

As with any project of this scale, there may be some disruption caused during construction.
Construction impacts will be managed in accordance with stringent environmental management plans to mitigate the impacts of noise, vibration, dust and traffic. More information on mitigation measures will be available as the project progresses.

Why has the name of the hospital changed from Goulburn Base Hospital?

There are no plans to change the name of the Goulburn Base Hospital. Signs on the fly-through and artist impressions are indicative only.

Isn’t the current hospital heritage listed?

A section of the hospital that currently fronts Goldsmith Street is on the Goulburn-Mulwaree Council’s heritage register and will not be demolished. The buildings that are being demolished are not heritage listed.

What will happen to the Bourke Street Health Service?

The Bourke Street Health Service has served Goulburn well for many decades. However, the building has reached the end of its useful life as a contemporary health facility.
The transition of staff and services from Bourke Street Health Service (BSHS) into Goulburn Base Hospital and the new facility is being carefully planned to ensure that Main and Final Works cause minimal disruptions to patients and services. 
Consolidating health services in the one site is an important step in creating a sustainable and viable future health service for Goulburn.
The main building on Bourke Street is owned by The Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, leased by Southern NSW Local Health District for many years. The building will be returned to The Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn following the relocation of services. Southern NSW Local Health District is committed to working through options with the Catholic Archdiocese that are in the best interests of the local community.

Will there be more parking on campus?

There will be an increase in and improved distribution of, on-site car parking spaces at the hospital to meet the increased demand.
Following extensive staff and community consultation, a permit parking scheme and timed parking zones were introduced in late 2019 allowing hospital staff and visitors, school students and staff as well as local residents to continue to park within the precinct.
In addition, to minimise the impact of contractor and project related parking on local residents and road users during the Hospital redevelopment, a temporary project car park was constructed at the at the corner of Mount and Fitzroy Streets. The car park was opened in May 2020.

How will the outcomes of the recent Heritage survey be incorporated into the new building?

In August 2020 Health Service staff and the community were asked to complete an online heritage survey to share feedback about their memories of the Goulburn Health Service and what they would like to see included in the new hospital’s heritage exhibition and time capsule.
The project has catalogued over 2000 items from Goulburn Base Hospital and Bourke Street Health Service, which along with the stories of the people who used them, will provide a vital record and connection to healthcare over the years in Goulburn.
The survey results will help shape the way these items are displayed throughout the new four-storey Clinical Services Building and contribute to the arts and heritage program for the Redevelopment.

Where will the winning images from the community photography competition be displayed?

From the start of September to the end of October 2020, photographers were invited to enter a photographic competition, with the winning photography incorporated into the new health facility.
There were six categories for photographers to enter, with five of the categories celebrating the Goulburn district’s native and local flora, specifically Boronia, Wattle, Lilac, Bluebell and Eucalyptus. The flora theme was chosen to incorporate local elements into the new health facility and also provide an atmosphere that is calm and uplifting. The photographs are planned to be displayed at various locations in the building. The sixth category is a rainbow theme and the winning photograph will be featured in the hospital’s paediatric unit.

Why is Arts in Health such an important component in the Redevelopment?

The Arts in Health program is designed to guide the integration of arts into the NSW healthcare system. Incorporating arts and culture in health facilities has a profoundly beneficial impact on the wellbeing and experiences of patients, carers and staff.
Arts in Health also provides opportunity to work with the local community to instill strong cultural connections and sense of community ownership in the new hospital.

What will happen to the memorial rose gardens?

The project team has been consulting with the Goulburn Rose Society, the wider community and associated families to ensure an optimal location for the roses is established.
An appropriate location for the new rose garden has been identified within the redeveloped site, which recognises the importance of the roses to the Goulburn community and complements the design of the garden.
More information about the roses and the landscaping plan for the Redevelopment will be shared in the coming months.

Will there be a café built as part of the redevelopment?

The project scope includes for the continuation of the existing Hospital kiosk facility located elsewhere on the campus. Space is being made available to accommodate a coffee cart in the new Clinical Services Building.

Will there be a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine in the new hospital?

In the 2021-22 State Budget, the NSW Government announced an additional $15 million in funding to enhance clinical services which will be delivered as part of the Goulburn Hospital and Health Service redevelopment.
The additional funds will support future focused healthcare delivery for Goulburn residents and the surrounding community, and builds on the NSW Government’s previous $150 million commitment for the redevelopment. 
Before additional clinical services are determined for the project, Health Infrastructure and the Southern NSW Local Health District (SNSWLHD) will complete a review which will consider a range of potential options.  
The Goulburn Hospital Clinical Services Building is on track for completion later this year and is expected to open its doors to the public in early 2022, followed by a Final Works phase. 

How will staffing at the redeveloped hospital compare with numbers at the current hospital?

One of the key motivations driving the redevelopment is meeting the increasing demand for health services now and in the future.
The Redeveloped hospital will ensure there is room to grow and change as the Goulburn community does.
New ways of working are also part of the redevelopment, and staff have been involved in developing those new models of care.
Southern NSW Local Health District is currently finalising their workforce plan for the operation of the new facility