Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the redeveloped hospital be built?

The redeveloped hospital will be built on the current Goulburn Base Hospital site. Space has been made on this site by demolishing two buildings – Springfield House and Lady Grose Home.

How will the project be funded?

The NSW Government is investing $150 million in this major redevelopment of the Goulburn Base Hospital.

What will the Goulburn community get for $150 million?

The Goulburn Hospital and Health Service Redevelopment will deliver:

  • A new four storey Clinical Services Building that includes
    • main entry and hospital reception
    • emergency department
    • medical imaging department
    • intensive care unit
    • operating theatres, day surgery and recovery areas
    • medical, surgical, paediatric, rehabilitation and geriatric inpatient units with designated palliative care beds
    • maternity unit and birthing suite, ambulatory paediatric and antenatal clinics
    • mental health triage and emergency call service.
  • Improved distribution of, and increase in, on-site car parking 
  • An extension to the Community Health Building

Will there be future stages of the redevelopment?

Future work proposals for Goulburn Base Hospital will be considered under the capital program for health as part of NSW Health’s standard planning, proposal and Government funding procedures.

When will the redeveloped hospital be open, what are the timelines?

Once consultation is complete, work will progress to the design development stage, which involves going through each ‘room’ on the floor plans and making sure each contains everything that is necessary for the services that will be provided from that room.  This process identifies the fittings, furniture and equipment that will be required in the new build.
Construction is expected to be complete in 2022.

Will the current hospital remain operational while the redeveloped hospital is built?

Yes – existing services at Goulburn Base Hospital and Bourke Street Health Service will remain operational.

The Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Unit is only new, what will happen to that?

Opened in 2013 with flexible use in mind, the Unit will became the hub for Ambulatory Care as part of the process to build a better health service of Goulburn. This ward was not previously part of the redevelopment project, but through the design process it became apparent that there were advantages in bringing this ward into the redeveloped building. The vacated space will be repurposed to provide outpatient services, orthopaedic and wound clinics. Hospital-in-the-Home and the management of chronic diseases will also be part of the services provided in the repurposed SARU. Current health services provided in the ward will be incorporated into the redeveloped building. This will bring all 24 hour operations under the one roof and establish a new Ambulatory Care facility for the Goulburn community.

How big will the redeveloped hospital be?

When complete, the redeveloped hospital will be one of the biggest buildings in Goulburn.
The building will take advantage of the natural slope of Goldsmith Street with a lower ground level accessed by ambulances off Faithful Street. Three stories will sit above the lower ground level, with the main hospital entry still level with Goldsmith Street as it is now.

What will happen to the Bourke Street Health Service?

The Bourke Street Health Service has served Goulburn well for many decades, however the building has reached the end of its useful life as a contemporary health facility. The services currently housed at Bourke Street will be moved into new or renovated space on the Goulburn Hospital site.
Consolidating health services on to the one site is an important step in creating a sustainable and viable future health service for Goulburn.
The main building on Bourke Street is owned by St John of God Health Care and has been leased by Southern NSW Local Health District for many years.

What will happen to the hydro-therapy pool at Bourke Street?

A hydro-therapy pool is not part of the current redevelopment plans, but realising the importance of the service to the community, the Southern NSW Local Health District is exploring ways to maintain a hydro-therapy service.

How will staffing at the redeveloped hospital compare with numbers at the current hospital?

One of the key motivations driving the redevelopment is meeting the increasing demand for health services now and in the future. It is our staff who provide the care our hospitals and health services are built for.
Staffing in the redeveloped hospital will be consistent with current levels, with room to grow and change as the Goulburn community does. New ways of working are also part of the redevelopment, and staff have already begun developing new models of care.
Detailed staffing plans will continue to be developed as the project moves forward.

What is the plan for car parking?

Further car parking planning will be undertaken, leading to a plan that will be incorporated into the overall project. Some buildings along the western boundary of the Goulburn Base Hospital site will be demolished including the existing Maternity Ward, allowing for more parking. The plans include better distribution and an increase in on-site car parking spots.
We are focusing on providing the best clinical outcomes with the funding that has been provided to us. This means more of the $150 million committed by the NSW Government for the redevelopment can be used to enable the Government to allocate the funding where it’s most needed – to patient care.

Will local contractors be used during construction?

Where possible, the Project will work towards employing local businesses to support the construction of the redeveloped hospital.

Why has the name of the hospital changed from Goulburn Base Hospital?

There are no plans to change the name of the Goulburn Base Hospital. Signs on the fly-through and artist impressions are indicative only.

Isn’t the current hospital heritage listed?

A section of the hospital that currently fronts Goldsmith Street is on the Goulburn-Mulwaree Council’s heritage register and will not be demolished. The buildings that are being demolished are not heritage listed.

What community consultation has taken place?

Southern NSW Local Health District and Health Infrastructure have undertaken extensive rounds of consultation regarding this project at every step of the way.
More than 4000 people comprised of staff and community have been consulted as part of the redevelopment process.
There have been 15 Project User Groups (PUG) comprised of nurses, medical officers and other health professionals to help with the development of the design. An average of 220 staff and patients participated in multiple rounds of the PUGs that contributed to these designs.
Southern NSW Local Health District and Health Infrastructure have drawn on the experience and expertise within its Community Consultation Committee, who have provided further consumer perspectives on the future health needs of the community.

What happens to the feedback?

The Project team will take all community feedback into account during the delivery phase.

How will construction impacts be managed?

As with any project of this scale, there may be some disruption caused during construction.
Construction impacts will be managed in accordance with stringent environmental management plans to mitigate the impacts of noise, vibration, dust and traffic. More information on mitigation measures will be available as the project progresses.

Will we have more opportunities to have our say on the redevelopment?

Yes. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on the delivery phase, please email:
The Project Team looks forward to keeping all community members and representatives updated as the project progresses.